Friday Night Pricing and Gate Times

Friday Night is usually Test n’ Tune or Open racing.

Please check the schedule to make sure it is offered.  Some events take up the track for three and four days. Events such as those have different prices and timelines.

Gates Open at  5:00 pm

Racing should begin approximately 5:30 – 6:00

Town Curfew is 11 pm but this does not mean it is closing time.

Closing time has many factors…dew point, car count & safety is #1.

Spectator Pricing

Admission $10 per person

Kids ages 5-10 $1 per person

Racer Pricing

Test n’ Tune (Open Racing & No Time) $25


**No Time is offered as a courtesy please make sure it is clearly marked on a window of the drivers side.  You will not see a time on the scoreboards but you will get a time slip.