May 29, 2020

Atco Dragway

Atco Dragway Coronavirus Update

May 12, 2020 Update:


As of now, we have received no guidance on when we are to be permitted to open. However, we have revised our schedule to address some of our larger events and racing programs. We have made the decision to remain closed through the 4th of July and will open for rentals as soon as we are given permission regardless of whether or not it is within our “scheduled closure”.


The following events will be cancelled in their entirety: Philadelphia Modifiers (spring date), Import Revival, Thrill Show, All In Motorsports, Waterfest, National Night Out, & Fall Nationals.


Pan American Nationals will be moved to September 30 – October 4: Due to schedule changes parking will now begin on Wednesday. All qualifying for PR vs USA and 7.50 index will be held on Thursday October 1st and Friday October 2nd. If you plan on running the team races or 7.50 index you will need to be here no later than the morning of 10/2 to receive any qualifying passes. Many people have been calling about fence line spots, and as of now we do intend to put them up for sale sometime in late August.


Bracket, Index Racers & all other points accruing classes: Super, Pro, Sportsman, Motorcycle and High school will accrue points to attend bracket finals, however there will be no points sign ups this year. This also means there will be no point funds for 2020. Also as previously advised, we will not be paying to send the team to the Bracket Finals this year. If you have previously paid to enter any of the 2020 programs you can call the office for a refund. If you do not call, your money will be given in the form of a gate credit. All payouts and entry fees will remain the same. Please check out the new schedule for changes to your individual program dates.


Junior Dragsters & Junior Street: Points programs are cancelled. We will also be forfeiting trophies for the year, however payouts will remain the same. If you have previously paid to enter any of the 2020 programs you can call the office for a refund. If you do not call, your money will be given in the form of a gate credit.


Tuesday Night Gamblers: Gambler points have now been reduced to one half as opposed to two. Points will accrue and will be paid to the top 4 earners based on the number of overall cars. There will be no runoff this year. Please see your updated rules sheet for more information on your new end of the year payout structure.


Gift cards: All Atco Dragway gift cards will be honored throughout the remainder of the year for any areas within the facility that will be allowed to open. We will not be selling any new gift cards in 2020 as we are out of physical cards and were in the midst of switching processing companies when the shutdown occurred. This expense will be curbed for the time being.


Please remember this schedule is still tentative. We may be able to add some smaller races/classes back in or we may have to continue thinning our days based on whatever rules we are dealt. One thing we know is certain is that social distancing and other policies will be in place. We will address these issues/rules/procedures as we come closer to our anticipated opening date and receive more guidance from the powers that be.


On a more personal note, we realize losing races and incentive programs is disappointing for all of our many many different groups and we truly apologize for bringing you more bad news. We’re hopeful we’ve found a balance and that everyone will have a fair chance to run some of what they love this year.


See you all soon! Stay safe!

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Chasis Cert 2020 – Update per NHRA

NHRA Member Track Family,

We hope you and your family are staying safe.

Please find below a notice we will be posting on and each division site regarding chassis inspections and our chassis and technical inspector testing process.

In light of the current Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, The NHRA is announcing the following changes to our Chassis Inspection process and our Chassis and Technical Inspector Testing process.

Chassis Inspections:

• Any chassis due for inspection prior to January 1, 2020 needs to be re-inspected before they can run their car.
• Any new chassis will be permitted to use the 90 day chassis inspection form process.
• Any chassis expiring January 31, 2020 must be re-inspected by June 30, 2020.
• Any chassis expiring February 29, 2020 must be re-inspected by July 31, 2020.
• Any chassis expiring March 31, 2020 must be re-inspected by August 31, 2020
• Any chassis expiring April 30, 2020 must be re-inspected by September 30, 2020
• Any chassis expiring May 31, 2020 must be re-inspected by October 31, 2020
• Any chassis expiring June 30, 2020 must be re-inspected by November 30, 2020
• Any chassis expiring between July 31, 2020 and December 31, 2020 must be inspected on or before December 31, 2020
• Any chassis expiring after December 31, 2020 must be re-inspected by the original expiration date.

Josh Peterson | Vice President, Racing Administration
2035 Financial Way | Glendora, CA 91741
Office: (626) 250-2285 | NHRA.COM




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