Friday Open Track Rental 10-20

This Friday we are having an open track rental during the day.

Anyone can attend…even if you did not get your name on the list!!!!


Enter through gate 1…gates open at 9:00 am.

Racing 10-4:30…Entry is $150 per car and $5 per crew.

With this entry you can run Friday night too.

Tuesday Night Gamblers Run Off Update!!! October 24th

Please call DJ if you have any questions.  x104

This is the run off for next week Tuesday October 24th:

#1 from 1st Half…Chuck Cassaday will run #1 from 2nd Half…John Falivene for the 2017 Champion. Winner $1000.

The following 8 racers will run off for the Year End Payout.

From 1st Half: Kenny Testa, Mike Nahill, Dave Harvey Jr and  Jim Hughes.

From 2nd Half: Bruce Sharp, Billy Loveland, David Harvey III and Scott Waters.

You 8 will have 1 qualifier to run a round robin race. 

Winner $800

Runner up $400

Semi $200

Qtrs $50 Track Gift Card

(everyone gets something this way, we did have to restructure it a bit from the original rules)


Anyone can enter the no points race to be run after your run off.