Tuesday Night Gamblers Run Off Update!!! October 24th

Please call DJ if you have any questions.  x104

This is the run off for next week Tuesday October 24th:

#1 from 1st Half…Chuck Cassaday will run #1 from 2nd Half…John Falivene for the 2017 Champion. Winner $1000.

The following 8 racers will run off for the Year End Payout.

From 1st Half: Kenny Testa, Mike Nahill, Dave Harvey Jr and  Jim Hughes.

From 2nd Half: Bruce Sharp, Billy Loveland, David Harvey III and Scott Waters.

You 8 will have 1 qualifier to run a round robin race. 

Winner $800

Runner up $400

Semi $200

Qtrs $50 Track Gift Card

(everyone gets something this way, we did have to restructure it a bit from the original rules)


Anyone can enter the no points race to be run after your run off.