Friday July 28th Open Track Rental ~ Please pre-register

Friday July 28th–Please pre-register with the office

Gates Open at 9 am

10 am start time

$75 entry

Please call the office Monday thru Wednesday 9:30 – 4:30 to pre-pay.  856-768-2167

If we don’t have enough cars you will be refunded and the open rental will be canceled.  (35 would be the magic number)


Junior Dragsters Race Of Champions

The Junior Dragster Race Of Champions is August 11-13, 2017at Numidia

For your racer to participate all the information on the Roster must be submitted to the office by July 26th.  Please call the office between July 24th- July 27th 9-5pm.

#1 is the leader in points for both classes.