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*All racers will enter through Main Gate & park on staging lane pit side. Cars will be teched at the Tech booth or Speed Shop area.


Monday thru Friday Full Day Rental Times: 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.  ALL CARS AND CREW must vacate the premises by 4:30 pm. Tuesday and Friday rentals if staying for nightly test n’ tune you must return to the front gate pay night session racing fee and get a new tech card.

Rental is $3,500 with a 14 car minimum or renter makes up the difference. Deposit is $500 and non-refundable. All additional tech cards are $250 per car.

All drivers must purchase their own tech card. You may have multiple people drive the same car as long as each driver has paid $250 fee and has a separate tech card. Money will be collected when the car is being teched. No refunds for cars that break on track or during track rental. Track rental may be rescheduled with a 24 hour notice due to inclement weather only!  *If rental is cancelled by renter due to lack of cars, and/or any other reason aside from weather, your deposit will not be transferred or refunded.

On the day prior to your track rental we will need you to confirm & discuss the following: Car count
Weather situations – Atco Management will discuss option with renter if inclement weather occurs. If a weather situation arises you will be notified with an alternate phone number to call for weather conditions and any changes about your rental day.

Please make sure the cars you are scheduling/bringing are aware of the rules/regulations which are attached at the bottom of this page. There is absolutely No grouping of people on the starting line. Once the car you are with leaves you must leave the starting line.  If there are more than 4 people per car on the line, racing will be stopped until the line is clear.

Atco reserves the rights to add additional cars to any track rental. These cars are not included/counted in the car count listed above and will be handled by Atco management.  These cars must have an approved appointment  and we will NOT take cars that show up without previous authorization.

All cars must be safe and able to pass NHRA tech inspection. Atco Dragway is an NHRA sanctioned track and is also governed by the rules and regulations of NJ State Police Racing Control Unit. ALL NHRA & NJ STATE POLICE RULES MUST BE ADHERED TO! All racers must have proper credentials and safety equipment or they will be denied the opportunity to race. 

If you or anyone attending your rental are caught not following the rules the rental will cease and no refunds will be given.



Due to NHRA, New Jersey State and Insurance regulations; the following guidelines must be followed at all times during track rentals.

RENTAL DAY–Rentals are from 10:00am to 4:00 pm. Gates open at 9:00 am.  Rental is over at 4:00 sharp. No racer is permitted to race after the cut off time.  Your last run should be no later than 3:45

All cars and crew must vacate the premises by 4:30 pm.

On Tuesday and Friday Rentals racers must leave and reenter the front gate, pay night racing fee, and fill out a new tech card.

TECH CARD: Must be filled out and signed by driver and all crew.  Front and back of tech card must be filled out completely. Each crew person must sign the waiver of the car they are associated with.  One Tech Card per Person/per vehicle!

ADDITIONS: Track manager reserves the right to add on to track rentals. We may add additional cars or sponsor vehicles.

RACE DRIVER: Race car must have a number in shoe polish or permanent numbers so the tower can record your runs properly. Racetrack may request a list of drivers attending rental (Manager will request in                 advance.) To run No Time, you must have N/T clearly written on your car and notify the tower. No bracket racing, ladders, racing structure, or advertising to spectators. The track reserves the right to run ALL participants as No Time. You will still receive a time slip.

OILDOWNS: Frequent violations of oil downs, you will be asked to leave the facility. Atco provides a person to handle the clean up.

ELECTRIC:  Dragway does NOT supply electric—please bring your own power/ generator.


No antifreeze in cars!!!!

Please check that all fluid fittings are tight

Carburetors must have hood scoop- air filter, no open carb

Seat Belts- Belts are only valid for two years and must be current

Helmets- Snell 2015 or Snell 2020 (2010 expire 1/1/2027 & 2015 expire 1/1/2032)

9.99 & Quicker; Certified Cage, License, Full Face Helmet

7.49 & Quicker: Adv. ET License, Certified Cage, Full Face Helmet, Appropriate Fire Suit, gloves and shoes, Head & Neck Restraints—Hans/ Hybrid

To All Racers and Crew Members


A Restricted Area is anywhere past the front of the staging lanes including the basin area leading to the burn out box, starting line and return road.

  • Any Crew member that wishes to have access to the restricted area must be with a race car and a waiver must be signed before you enter this area. Signing the waiver should be done at tech when the car is inspected with NO EXCEPTIONS!!
  • Once your car makes its run, you must vacate the starting line area. There is no congregating outside of the fenced in area by anyone! RACING WILL BE HALTED IF THIS RULE IS NOT FOLLOWED.
  • Speed Limit is 15 mph on the return road and 5 mph in the pits.
  • Photographers must sign waiver in the tower and follow all restricted area regulations. Pre-approval must be granted.
  • Anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult anywhere on Atco Dragway premises.
  • No one under the age of 17 are permitted in the restricted area alone.
  • No one under the age of 17 is permitted to ride a bicycle, skateboard, scooters, rollerblades, quads or anything that rolls.

Golf Carts:                                       

  • Must follow all restricted area rules and regulations.
  • Must be registered with an NHRA pit vehicle sticker.
  • Any adult that occupies a seat next to a minor on a golf cart, quad or any rolling vehicle and permits the minor to steer or control the vehicle in any way will be subject to immediate suspension of racing or participating privileges.

Please remember that all rules and regulations must be adhered to and are for your safety!