The tech card link for all competitors is here — — all competitors must complete the online tech card thoroughly prior to arrival at Maple Grove.  There will not be physical tech cards available.

On the tech card, please make sure to inform your racers that they need to fill out ET Finals Car number as well as NHRA License numbers.

We will also post the Tech card on the Division website and Facebook pages later today or early tomorrow.


Team Captain will provide racing numbers and additional stickers needed.

Please remember your number is not your ET/racer number it is AD plus the number you are on the roster. Roster will be posted as soon as we can.




Congratulations Team Atco for 2022

Super Pro- Bryan Balducci, Greg McClernan, Antoine Jett, Justin McGough, Frank Connuli, Glen McFerren, Melanie Murphy, Rip Shaw, Tom Spangler, Neil Fulton, Philip Hammitt, Will Winthrop, Ray Stover, Bruce Sharp & Billy Duhs.

Pro- Dave Harvey, Matt Ricchezza, Denny Maclosky, Bob Bates, Bill Wilson, David Harvey III, Emily Dittbrenner, Jeff Skertic, Trish Witt, Chuck Render, Bill Hood, Brian Davison, Bob Harnett, John Grob & Rory Krupp.

Sportsman- Chuck Render, Chad Farrell, Patsy Hammitt & David Harvey III

Motorcycles- Lawrence Currie, Van Boyce, Levon Currie & Robert Willis

Junior Street- Braydon Balducci