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Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ's

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much are spectator tickets?

Spectator entry fees change per event. Most Tuesday and Fridays are $10 per adult and $1 for children 5-10, 4 and under are free.

How do I attend a as spectator?

Tickets are available for all events at the main gate. Some events offer a pre-purchase option sold on Simply pull through the main gate and up to the ticket booth. Where you will meet an employee who will help you complete your purchase.

Are events Family Friendly?

Yes!! All events are family friendly.

On Premises Atco Dragway has:

Speed Shop – a shop that sells VP race fuels & safety equipment.

Concession Stand – lots of homemade food plus your all-time favorites.

Winners Circle Lounge – a full-service bar with weekend specials open when racing.

Are Drones allowed?

No drones are not permitted on the property.

Are pets permitted?

Yes, pets are permitted if they are not left unattended and are always on a fixed length leash. No retractable leashes. Please clean up after your pets! Just a friendly reminder the asphalt can get VERY hot in the summer months!!!

Handicap Parking?

Parking is available behind the concession stand and behind the tower.  Grandstands on tower side have a wheelchair ramp. Handicap parking may fill up on larger events.

What is your refund/rain check policy?  If you are unsure do NOT throw away your ticket as credits cannot be issued without it.

We do not offer any cash refunds, whatsoever. In the event of a full rain out please listen to PA announcements or check Facebook to see if you qualify for a raincheck. Depending on the extent of racing completed, a time stamp will typically be used to determine your credit, if any. If you leave the facility due to rain and the racetrack continues later in the day NO rainchecks will be issued to you.

What if it rains?

We cannot race while it is raining.  We do, however, have the capability to dry the track if it rains in the middle of an event.  If the weather is questionable, please call the hotline 856-768-2167.  The message will always be updated within 2 hours of our gate opening time in the event of a rainout. In addition, you may check our Facebook. If rain happens while racing is in progress, be sure to pay attention to the P.A. system for instructions

Rain check policy for Racers:

If it rains on a competition day, we reserve the right to offer 1 Time Trial and enter right into eliminations. If any rounds are completed in a class, the points will be given, and the payout split among the remaining entrants. If it rains during a round and that round is not completed entirely, that round does not count for anyone in the class.

If you break before making any passes down the track or cannot pass tech, you will be issued a refund minus that day’s spectator price. After you have made a pass down the track no refunds will be given.

Re-entering the Facility:

Once your tickets are purchased you may enter/ exit the facility throughout the day. If you were issued a wristband upon purchase, you will only be allowed reentry if that band is still secured on your wrist. If you remove the wristband, your purchase will be void and you will only be able to re-enter after purchasing an intact wristband! If you attend on a day where wristbands are not being utilized, you will need to stop at the front ticket booth to receive a handstamp BEFORE exiting. If you try to re-enter without a stamp you will need to repurchase your entry.

Receipts will NOT work for re-entry at any event.

What if I want to run my car down the track?

Racing your car down the track for fun is referred to as “test n’ tune” or “open racing” – they are the same thing.  Anyone is welcome to race any type of vehicle on these specified days. Be sure to check our schedule first. There are also many days available for a new racer to enter race classes.

How do I race?

Inform the person at our main gate that you would like to purchase a test n’ tune tech card when you come in.  After purchase, proceed to the tech booth. Please bring a pen and use your time in line to completely fill out your tech card.  When it is your turn with the tech inspector, he will look over your car and credentials to ensure it meets safety standards.  For those of you without major upgrades or changes from stock, this should be a very quick process.  Please be sure to have a valid state driver’s license in your possession, as it is required to race. Once through tech inspection, you will proceed to the staging lanes, there will be announcements designating lanes for classes that will be running that day.  Please only use these lanes throughout the race day.  From there you will be sent out to the track, so be sure not to wander too far from your vehicle while it is in the lanes. 

Do I need a valid driver’s license?


What is the minimum age to race?

17 with a valid driver’s license. The exception to this would be in the Jr Drag Racing League (ages 6 – 17) or the NHRA Junior Street Youth Racing program (ages 13-16).

Can I have passengers?

No. Only the driver is permitted in the racecar.

Is a helmet required?

YES!  All racers in the state of NJ are required to wear a helmet.  Racers 13.99 and quicker must use a 2015 or 2020 Snell rated helmet. You can purchase helmets at the Speed Shop.

Can I switch drivers?

No!!! Two drivers may run the same vehicle but must purchase and fill out two separate tech cards. Both drivers must visit tech before racing.

Do I need mufflers?


What safety gear do I need?

At a minimum, drivers must have a t-shirt, long pants, sneakers, and a helmet. Seat belts must work. Requirements change based on the speed of your vehicle. If you have more specific questions, you can message us on Facebook, call the office, ask tech, or check the NHRA rule book.

When is a fire jacket required?

A fire jacket is required for ALL racers running an aftermarket power adder (turbocharger, supercharger, or nitrous oxide system). In addition, a fire jacket is required for all racers running quicker than 11.50. We have these available for sale at the Speed Shop.

To Race a Motorcycle?

Safety equipment is based on MPH. Under 125mph – Jacket (leather), gloves, full face helmet, and footwear must cover your ankles and if it is an older bike kill switch must be tethered to your wrist. New bikes will have a tip over switch and tethering is not required. ALL BIKES MUST HAVE A WORKING REAR BRAK! Over 125mph you need full leathers (can be 2 pieces) plus all listed for under 125 and an NHRA license.

How do I know how fast I went?

After completing your pass down the track, you will receive a printed time slip.  It will contain the following information for both cars on that pair: Reaction Time, 60’ Time, 330’ Time, 1/8th Mile Time, 1/8th Mile MPH, 1000’ Time, 1/4th Mile Time, and 1/4th Mile MPH.  If you need help reading your slip, just visit the tower.

What if my car has problems on the track?

It is very important to be always aware of your vehicle’s condition on the racetrack.  If you are experiencing any kind of problem, it is best to pull over to the wall as soon as safely possible.  We can tow you off the track. If you happen to be leaking fluid, it is much easier to clean up a puddle on the side of the track than a strip all the way down the center.  So please, do yourself and fellow racers a favor by pulling over if you believe you may be leaking any fluids.

Is a lower containment device (diaper) required?

11.50 & faster all vehicles. For sale in the Speed Shop. Don’t forget to put your absorbent pads inside the engine pan!

Are lights required?

Beginning at dusk, cars are required to have minimum of one taillight on so that we may see when you safely exit the track.

How long is the track?

Our racetrack is a straight quarter mile (1,320ft.) After crossing the finish line (located near the scoreboards), racers should begin to slow down and prepare to take the turnoffs, located on the right-hand side.  Remember, that the driver in the right lane has the right of way when exiting the racing surface.

What is the P.A. system for lane calls?

Our P.A. system is broadcasted on 89.7 FM.  Be sure to tune to it on your car’s stereo so that no important lane calls or announcements are missed.