Coyote Shootout – Sat June 8th

The Coyote Shootout was formed to showcase the fastest all motor coyotes around. We have added an index class for our power adder coyote friends as well!

Classes, Rules, Payouts, and Entry:
Outlaw Ford heads up
NA Coyote heads up
Heads Up Coyote Truck
Open Ford Index (9.0/10.0/11.50/12.00)
Factory Mustang heads up

Outlaw Ford: $1000 guaranteed payouts w/16 cars. Pays to the semi’s if 16 car field is met.
• Factory Ford Body (No tube chassis)
* Slick or Radial
• Any year/make/model ford powered vehicle
• Must have registered plates
• Pro .400 tree
* $100 entry

Juggernaut NA Coyote: $750 guaranteed payouts w/16 cars. Pays to the semi’s if 16 car field is met.
• 2011+ coyote mustangs only (no swaps/no cobra jet race cars)
• Must be a coyote based motor (stock/built/5.2L max)
• 3500# min w/driver (3550 if 10R80 equipped, 3650 w/10R80 and aftermarket converter )
• Manual and Automatics will run separate until later rounds once all of one group are eliminated.
• Slick and radial only
• No tube chassis front ends or back halved cars
• All suspension must be in factory location
• No power adders of any kind (N2O, Turbo, or Supercharger) cars will be checked each round
• Pro .400 tree
*$50 entry

Oz Tuning Heads Up Coyote Truck: $250 guaranteed payout w/12 trucks.
• 2011+ F150’s
• Must be a coyote based motor (stock/built/5.2L max)
• Any power adders allowed! (N2O, Turbo, or Supercharger)
• Pro .400 tree
* $50 entry

Open Ford Index (1320 Junkie 9.0/10.0/11.5/12.0): $250 guaranteed payout w/12 cars or trucks to each index. Pay to the runner up
• Must run index time or slower
• Any year/make/model ford powered vehicle
• No electronics/no throttle stops
• Pro .400 tree
* $50 Entry

Factory Mustang: $250 guaranteed payout w/12 cars.
• 2011+ Coyote Mustangs
• Must be a stock coyote motor
• Can run Tune and Intake only (no headers, manifold swaps, aftermarket converters, or power adders permitted)
• street tires only, 300 tread wear or higher, max width 275 (radial and slicks prohibited, tires will be inspected to retain spirit of the class, by tech officials, if deemed illegal, your entry will be transferred to one of the index classes of your choosing)
• full interior
• pro .400 tree
• $50 entry

*CASH ONLY day of event for registration*